Product description

An automatic smoke curtain is designed flexible and convertible to prevent the movement of smoke and heat in the ceiling area of large buildings by channeling or containing the smoke and heat.

The up and down movement of the curtain is provided by a tubular electric drive and a control unit integrated into the central fire alarm system.

Specification smoke curtain vertical

Annex D - Temperature time
smoke curtain vertical
D60 and DH60
Annex C - Smoke permeability leakage rate not exceeding 25m3 per m2
Annex B - Reliability /Durability 1000 cycles
Standard EN 12101-1
Curtain thickness 0,4 mm
Unwinding speed of the curtain 0,18 m/s
Power consumption up to 500 Wt
Supply voltage 230 V
Curtain frame color any RAL
Curtain size up to 50 m wide, up to10 m height


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