Product description

An accordion type fire curtain is a flexible fire barrier with a closed loop of almost any configuration: rectangle, polygon, circle and oval. The use of the accordion type fire curtain by FireDoors without side guides enables to meet almost any requirements for the interior.

The up and down movement of the automatic fire curtain is carried out by a tubular electric drive and a control unit integrated into the central fire alarm system. When the fire alarm is triggered, the curtain unwinds and makes a barrier for fire and combustion products (smoke and carbon monoxide).


Construction type Accordion type fire curtain
Fire resistance Ei120 (with irrigation)
Standard EN13501-2
Curtain thickness 0,440 mm
Overlapping speed in case of fire 0,18 m/s
Power consumption 500-2000 Wt
Supply voltage 230 V
Curtain frame color any RAL
Curtain size unlimited in width, up to 10 m high


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