Product description

Localizing the source of fire the fire curtain by FireDoors prevents the spread of fire, smoke and heat through the opening thereby enabling of a successful evacuation of people and minimizing possible damage.
The up and down movement of the automatic fire curtain is carried out by a tubular electric drive and a control unit integrated into the central fire alarm system. When triggered by a fire alarm, the curtain unwinds and makes a barrier for fire and combustion products (smoke and carbon monoxide).


Construction type Fire curtain vertical
Fire resistance EI 30, EI 60, EI 90, EW 30, EW 60, EW 90
Standard EN13501-2
Curtain thickness 0,4 mm
Curtain weight 440 g/m2
Unwinding speed of the curtain 0,06 m/s
Power consumption up to 500 Wt
Supply voltage 230 V
Curtain frame color any RAL
Curtain size 10 m wide, 8 m high


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