Product description

An automatic accordion type smoke curtain is a dynamic fire barrier with a closed loop of almost any configuration: rectangle, polygon, circle and oval. The use of the accordion type smoke curtain by FireDoors without side guides enables to meet almost any requirements for the interior.
The up and down movement of the curtain is provided by a tubular electric drive and a control unit integrated into the central fire alarm system.

The automatic accordion type smoke curtain is applied:

  • to make a barrier to the flow of smoke and hot gases as well as to direct them to the smoke exhaust systems
  • to cut off separate areas or ways of evacuation of people from the smoke-filled area
  • to restrict the actions of fire due to the use of flexible heat resistant fabric in curtains


Annex D - Temperature time
D60 and DH60
Annex C - Smoke permeability leakage rate not exceeding 25m3 per m2
Annex B - Reliability /Durability 1000 cycles
Standard EN 12101-1
Curtain size unlimited in width, up to 10 m height
Unwinding speed of the curtain 0,18 m/s
Power consumption 500-2000 Wt
Supply voltage 230 V
Curtain frame colour any Ral


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