The FIREDOORS company produces fire and smoke curtains of any complexity, configuration and fire resistance. The design department of the company is ready to assist in the design of own fire barriers.

  • Automatic accordion type smoke curtain

    Automatic accordion type smoke curtain

    An automatic accordion smoke curtain is a dynamic fire barrier with a closed loop of almost any configuration: rectangle, polygon, circle and oval. The use of the accordion smoke curtain by FireDoors without side guides enables to meet almost any requirements for the interior.

  • Automatic fire curtain vertical

    Automatic fire curtain vertical

    Localizing the source of fire the fire curtain by FireDoors prevents the spread of fire, smoke and heat through the opening thereby enabling of a successful evacuation of people and minimizing possible damage.

  • Automatic smoke curtain vertical

    Automatic smoke curtain vertical

    An automatic smoke curtain is designed flexible and convertible to prevent the movement of smoke and heat in the ceiling area of large buildings by channeling or containing the smoke and heat.

  • Automatic accordion type fire curtain

    Automatic accordion type fire curtain

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