Product description

Conveyor openings fire protection barriers are automatic barriers that close the conveyor opening when the fire alarm is triggered, protecting it from the spread of fire, combustion products and radiant heat.
The operation of the Fire Barrier Control Unit is synchronized with the operation of the conveyor.
For example, the belt cleaning system under the chute
A diagonal photocell monitors the overlapping area and stops the conveyor line if an empty space is detected.

Advantages of Conveyor Aperture Barriers:
• installation is performed without changing the design of the conveyor;
• the ability to cover complex openings of different shapes;
• installation of barriers on various types of openings and conveyor designs (split, pass-through, sorter, tray, newspaper).


Construction type
Fire curtain vertical
Fire resistance E120
Standard EN13501-2
Plate thickness 100mm
Obstacle lowering speed 0,06-0,18 m/s
Power consumption Up to 1500 Wt
Supply voltage 380 V
Colour any Ral

    Application field:

  • Production facilities


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