Location: Minsk, Belarus
Area: 54 200 m²
Style: Modern
Design-studio: R-home
Year: 2017-2018

To prevent the spread of smoke and other combustion products to the upper floors of the atrium as well as to preserve a large open space of the shopping center. The interior design does not provide the use of vertical columns.
As a solution, an automatic smoke curtain of an accordion type with a closed loop (without vertical side guides) has been used. When the fire alarm is triggered, the lower part of the construction, which is on the same level with the suspended ceiling, falls down and creates a smoke pocket that prevents the spread of smoke to the upper floors of the atrium. As a result, 12 smoke curtains with a total area of about 2 000 m² were installed, including two curtains made with a semicircular side. The total length of the perimeter of the curtains was more than 70 meters running.

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